Family Trip

This past September my family (minus our two oldest) and I traveled to Minnesota for my cousin's wedding. As if my husband and kids weren't annoyed with me already after forgetting the car seat in the car, forgetting my gun was in my purse while at the airport, and almost missing our flight, lol, that's a story for another time, but yes, of course I would annoy everyone a little bit more and make them take some photos while in the beautiful state of Minnesota with some trees!! So here they are in all their glory!

Oh yeah, and my mom tagged along, so that was an added bonus!

Can you spot who loves taking pictures and who doesn't?

While in Minneapolis we of course went to the The Mall of America and to Nickelodeon Universe, which the kids loved! I totally recommend! The amusement park is inside and apart of the mall where you can freely go between shopping and riding rides ALL DAY LONG!! 10/10!!!